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Connection to Derivatives Market as a client

Legal entities or individuals* are able to trade on the Derivatives Market as a Trading Participant's clients. For becoming a client it's necessary to sign a brokerage service agreement with a Trading Participant or Clearing Member.

Opportunities for trading as a Client on Derivatives Market are as follows:

  • entering orders into the electronic trading system using client's workstation;
  • entering orders into the electronic trading system using a Trading Participant's trading workstation connected via the Gateway**;
  • entering orders into the trading system via a trader.

* Moscow Exchange has not registered as the Foreign Board of Trade (FBOT) pursuant to 17 CFR 48 and does not provide direct access to its electronic trading by any derivatives contracts to U.S. persons. Nevertheless, at the moment Moscow Exchange is working on obtaining the FBOT status in the near future.

** List of Certified Trading Participants