The MOEX Board system of indicative quotations

The MOEX Board system of indicative quotations (hereinafter - MOEX Board) - additional information service of the Moscow Exchange that allows members of the system to display and view the indicative quotation of securities not publicly available on the Russian organized market.

System Features of MOEX Board are the ease and speed of admission of securities.

Becoming the participant of MOEX Board, you will be able to declare and/or view (depending on the status of the participant) indicative quotes on a wide list of securities of Russian and foreign issuers. Also participants of MOEX Board are given the opportunity to enter into contracts of sale of securities using the information specified in the System MOEX Board, with the help of the program complex Center of Electronic Agreements (CEA).

Center of Electronic Agreements (CEA) - a software package that automates the exchange of electronic documents with a view to the conclusion, modification and termination of agreements, as well as providing another exchange of unformalized electronic documents. The functioning of CEA is carried out within electronic document management system of the Moscow Exchange in accordance with the Rules of electronic document management approved by the competent authority of the Moscow Exchange. CEA allows entering into OTC sale and purchasing agreements of securities in the form of an electronic document with different conditions of the re-registration of securities with settlements in rubles and foreign currency. Thus, when contracting in the CEA, information on such a contracts goes to organizer of trading - the Moscow Exchange in automatic mode, the participant is not required to perform additional actions in the providing of information about the OTC transaction to the organizer of trade.

MOEX Board participants are leading professional participants of the securities market that allows you to receive relevant and fair marketable securities that are included in the list of MOEX Board .