09.09.2015 12:15

Operation of the Moscow Exchange's market on 8 September

At 15:01 MSK on 8 September, a technical problem occurred with the network in the exchange"s M1 data centre.  One of the switches produced an abnormal load on the network thereby provoking instability of the primary and backup network components. Despite absence of any errors in the operation of the trading and clearing systems, they were not available for normal order entry. As all major trading and clearing platforms are hosted in that data centre, all Moscow Exchange"s markets and some internal services including the corporate website were affected. The Exchange and the software developer will further analyze, with a peer review involved, possible causes of this scale error in the switch software. No errors of this type were detected during recent numerous network tests.

Member firms were informed on the disruption and actions via the alerting service with emails and text messages send. Notices were also available on the website stub and exchange"s social media accounts.

The exchange"s technology division prepared simultaneously the trading systems to migrate to our redundant data centre in order to ensure the earliest possible resumption of trading whether on backup or primary facilities depending on which of them were ready first for operation. The network equipment of the primary data centre was fixed first, and the Exchange decided to restart the trading systems there. We also considered problems that would arise at reconnecting on the client side. The failure of the network components was isolated.

Deposit and credit operations of the CBR were resumed at 16:22 MSK. The Equity & Bond Market was available for order withdrawal from 16:31 MSK, trading was resumed at 16:50 MSK. The Derivatives Market was available for order withdrawal from 16:40 MSK, trading was resumed at 17:00 MSK. The FX Market was available for order withdrawal from 17:00 MSK, trading was resumed at 17:15 MSK. The FX market hours were extended to 17:40 MSK instead regular 17:15 MSK.

We apologise for any inconvenience this interruption caused.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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