17.05.2017 11:35

Replacement of the 12-digit money position code on equity market

Currently there are two types of the money position codes in the equity market ASTS trading and clearing system:

1. 12-digit code that is the part of a trading/bank account in the National Settlement Depository.

2. 5-digit settlement code that corresponds to the money position.

All the money positions recently opened in the ASTS system use the 5-digit code.


On 1 July 2017 we plan to replace the 12-digit position codes on the production environment with the 5-digit settlement codes that correspond to the money positions. The existing 5-digit codes remain the same.


This replacement affects the values displayed in the BANKACCID and CLEARINGBANKACCID fields of the trading accounts, unsettled trades and all the tables and reports that include these fields. The length of the BANKACCID field remains the same - 12 symbols.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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