01.06.2018 18:55

Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced

Moscow Exchange announces the results of the review of MOEX indices and free float ratios. All changes will be implemented as of 22 June 2018.

The following securities considered before for exclusion from the MOEX Russia Index and RTS Index will be deleted from the indices: NCSP Group (ords), due to the deteriorated liquidity ratio, ROS AGRO PLC (DRs) and Rosseti (ords) due to their weights fallen below the allowed limit. 

Depositary receipts of X5 Retail Group N.V. will be added to the Blue Chip Index due to improved liquidity and free float-adjusted capitalisation positions of the company. Inter RAO (ords) will be removed from the Index.     

Ordinary shares of FEEC and Russian Aquaculture as well as preferred shares of Kazanorgsintez will be transferred from the list of securities under consideration for inclusion to the Broad Market Index. Ordinary shares of Lenenergo (a free float below 5%) and FG FUTURE (a fall in liquidity) will leave the index. 

NCSP Group (ords) will be removed from the SMID Index due to reduced liquidity of the shares.

Ordinary shares of Russian Aquaculture will be included in the Consumer Goods and Retail Index.

Ordinary shares of FEEC will be added to the Electric Utilities Index to replace ordinary shares of Lenenergo. Preferred shares of Kazanorgsintez will complement the Chemicals Index, while ordinary shares of FG FUTURE will leave the index.  

Summary table of changes in the Moscow Exchange Indices' Constituents Lists

Index Included Excluded
MOEX Russia Index, RTS Index   ROS AGRO PLC, DR (Issuer The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation)
  PJSC "NCSP", Ordinary shares
  PJSC "ROSSETI", Ordinary shares
Blue Chip Index X5 Retail Group N.V., DR (Issuer The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation) PJSC "Inter RAO", Ordinary shares
Broad Market Index PJSC "FEEC", Ordinary shares PJSC "FG FUTURE", Ordinary shares
PJSC "Russian Aquaculture", Ordinary shares PJSC "LENENERGO", Ordinary shares
PJSC "Kazanorgsintez", Preferred shares  
SMID Index   PJSC "NCSP", Ordinary shares
Consumer goods and retail index PJSC "Russian Aquaculture", Ordinary shares  
Chemicals index PJSC "Kazanorgsintez", Preferred shares  
Electric Utilities Index PJSC "FEEC", Ordinary shares PJSC "LENENERGO", Ordinary shares
Finances Index   PJSC "FG FUTURE", Ordinary shares

Summary table of changes in number of shares employed in the calculation of the Moscow Exchange Indices and included in the waiting lists, as well as free-float coefficients

Ticker Issuer

Current number
of shares

New number
of shares



AQUA PJSC "Russian Aquaculture", Ordinary shares 87 876 649   10% 8%
BELU Beluga Group, Ordinary shares   19 400 000 23% 26%
BRZL PJSC "Buryatzoloto", Ordinary shares 7 027 270   14% 8%
CBOM CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW, Ordinary shares 27 079 709 866   22% 17%
DIXY PJSC "DIXY GROUP", Ordinary shares 124 750 000   16% 1%
GAZAP PJSC "GAZ", Preferred shares 1 453 500     96%
HYDR PJSC "RusHydro", Ordinary shares 426 288 813 551   25% 19%
IRAO PJSC "Inter RAO", Ordinary shares 104 400 000 000   29% 31%
KOGK Korshynov Mining Plant PJSC, Ordinary shares 250 126   10% 5%
LSNG PJSC "LENENERGO", Ordinary shares 8 523 785 320   9% 2%
MGNT PJSC "Magnit", Ordinary shares 101 911 355   66% 67%
NMTP PJSC "NCSP", Ordinary shares 19 259 815 400   15% 18%
PMSBP PJSC "PESC", Preferred shares 11 353 500 11 353 500   35%
POLY Polymetal International plc, Shares of a foreign issuer 430 115 480 452 587 679 37%  
RTSBP PJSC "TNS energo Rostov-on-Don", Preferred shares 925 737 256     27%
VTBR VTB Bank (PJSC), Ordinary shares 12 960 541 337 338   39% 31%
YNDX Yandex N.V., Shares of a foreign issuer 289 364 467 292 431 655 95%  
ZILL AMO ZIL, Ordinary shares   2 659 962   19%

The index weight of X5 Retail Group N.V. DR will be increased from 0.5 to 1.0 following the improvement of the security liquidity.

From 22 June 2018, the following shares will be under consideration:

Under consideration to be added to Moscow Exchange indices:

No Ticker Issuer Index
1 BRZL PJSC "Buryatzoloto", Ordinary shares Broad Market Index
2 CNTLP PJSC "Central Telegraph", Preferred shares
3 GAZAP PJSC "GAZ", Preferred shares
4 HIMCP 'Khimprom' PJSC, Preferred shares
5 LIFE PJSC "Pharmsynthez", Ordinary shares
6 PMSBP PJSC "PESC", Preferred shares
7 PRFN PAO "Chelyabinski zavod PROFNASTIL", Ordinary shares
8 ROLO PJSC "Rusolovo", Ordinary shares
9 TTLK Tattelecom PJSC, Ordinary shares
10 ZILL AMO ZIL, Ordinary shares

Under consideration to be removed from Moscow Exchange indices:

No Ticker Issuer Index
1 MFGSP JSC "Slavneft-Megionneftegas", Preferred shares Broad Market Index
2 TNSE PJSC GC "TNS energo", Ordinary shares


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