23.11.2018 09:52

Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced

Moscow Exchange announced today the results of the quarterly review for MOEX indices. All changes were made upon recommendations from the Index Committee and will be implemented from 21 December 2018. The Exchange has also set free floats for a number of companies.

Depositary receipts of Lenta Ltd, a foreign issuer, will be included into the MOEX Russia Index and RTS Index, while RPC UWC (ords) will be removed from the index.

Mechel (ords) are considered for exclusion from the indices. 

The constituent lists of the Blue Chip Index, the Broad Market Index and the Sector Indices will remain unchanged.

NCSP (ords) will be added to the SMID Index.

The Exchange has set the following free floats coefficients:

Code Name Free float
ALNU PJSC "ALROSA-Nyurba", Ordinary shares 3%
ELTZ Electrozink OJSC, Ordinary shares 22%
KROT "Krasnyj Octyabr Co.", Ordinary shares 4%
MGNT PJSC "Magnit", Ordinary shares 71%
MTSS MTS PJSC, Ordinary shares 45%
NAUK NPO "Nauka", Ordinary shares 5%
NKHP PJSC "NGP", Ordinary shares 19%
NMTP PJSC "NCSP", Ordinary shares 10%
NVTK JSC "NOVATEK", Ordinary shares 24%
RAVN Raven Property Group Limited, Shares of a foreign issuer 21%
RKKE RSC Energia, Ordinary shares 7%
RSTIP PJSC "ROSSETI", Preferred shares 59%
SFIN PJSC "SFI", Ordinary shares 43%
TGKD PJSC "Quadra - Power Generation", Ordinary shares 14%
TNSE PJSC GC "TNS energo", Ordinary shares 4%
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