25.04.2019 18:38

Oleg Viyugin re-elected as Chairman of the Moscow Exchange Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board newly elected at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held its first meeting on 25 April 2019. At the Board meeting, Oleg Viyugin, independent director, was re-elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board named members and chairpersons to its Strategic Planning, Budget, Nomination and Remuneration, Audit, Risk Management and Technical Policy Committees.

Audit Committee members: Paul Bodart, Maria Gordon, Alexander Izosimov and Rainer Riess. Maria Gordon was elected the Chairperson.

Budget Committee members: Mikhail Bratanov, Maria Gordon and Andrey Golikov. Andrey Golikov was elected the Chairperson.

Nomination and Remuneration Committee members: Mikhail Bratanov, Oleg Viyugin, Maria Gordon and Alexander Izosimov. Mikhail Bratanov was elected the Chairperson.

Strategy Planning Committee members: Iliya Bakhturin, Paul Bodart, Oleg Viyugin, Andrey Golikov, Dmitriy Eremeev, and Rainer Riess. Rainer Riess was elected the Chairperson.

Technical Policy Committee members: Dmitriy Eremeev, Alexander Izosimov, Vladimir Kurlyandchik, Kirill Menshov and Yuriy Yartsev. Alexander Izosimov was elected the Chairperson.

Risk Management Committee members: Mikhail Bratanov, Andrey Golikov and Valeriy Goreglyad. Andrey Golikov was elected the Chairperson.

Moscow Exchange seeks to continuously strengthen its corporate governance and to increase the number of independent directors on the Board. The Board currently is comprised of 12 directors, seven of whom have been recognized as independent.

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