20.05.2019 15:23

Derivatives market reports change

Dear MOEX Derivatives market clients,

Please be informed that new procedure for trading and clearing reports dispatching will be implemented. Planned date for production roll-on is 27 May 2019.

The changes apply only to sending reports by e-mail. The process of sending via universal filegate (EDI) does not change.

The brokerage firms’ reports that now are dispatching in separated packages (for instance clearing/trading member XX receives two packages FO_MON.zip with report monXX01 in the first package and mon XX02 in the second one) will be dispatched in one package (one archive FO_MON.zip with two reports monXX01 и monXX02 inside). The procedure of generation clearing reports will remains the same.

This change are available for testing on test (T+1) environment.

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