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05.05.2021 19:59

Moscow Exchange Trading Volumes in April 2021

Unless stated otherwise, all figures below refer to performance for April 2020 and all comparisons are with the same period last year
In April 2021, total trading volumes across Moscow Exchange’s markets grew by 12% to RUB 95.7 trln (RUB 85.5 trln in April 2020).
Growth leaders were the Derivatives Market (+32.6%), FX Market (+15.8%), Equity Market (+13.4%), Money Market (+5.3%), Precious Metals Market (up 19.9x) and the Standardized OTC Derivatives Market (up 11.7x).

Equity & Bond Market

Total trading volume on the Equity and Bond Market in April 2021 increased by 6.5% to RUB 4,416.5 bln (April 2020: RUB 4,146.7 bln), hereinafter excluding overnight bonds.

Trading volume in shares, DRs and investment fund units increased by 13.4% to RUB 2,385.5 bln (April 2020: RUB 2,102.9 bln). ADTV increased by 13.4% to RUB 108.4 bln (April 2020: RUB 95.6 bln).

Turnover in corporate, regional and sovereign bonds was RUB 2,031.0 bln (April 2020: RUB 2,043.8 bln). ADTV was RUB 92.3 bln (April 2020: RUB 92.9 bln).

Seventy new bond issues with a combined value of RUB 1,359.7 bln (of which overnight bonds accounted for RUB 297.8 bln) were placed.

Derivatives Market

Derivatives Market volumes increased by 32.6% to reach RUB 13.8 trln (April 2020: RUB 10.4 trln) or 180.8 mln contracts (April 2020: 227.9 mln), of which 176.1 mln contracts were futures and 4.7 mln contracts were options. ADTV was RUB 626.6 bln (April 2020: RUB 472.5 bln).

Open interest at the end of the month was RUB 848.4 bln (April 2020: RUB 440.4 bln).

Standardized OTC Derivatives Market volume grew 11.7 times and reached RUB 510.8 bln.

FX Market

FX Market trading volume grew by 15.8% to RUB 33.7 trln (April 2020: RUB 29.1 trln), with spot trades amounting to RUB 9.2 trln and swap trades and forwards totaling RUB 24.5 trln.

The FX Market’s ADTV was RUB 1,532.2 bln (USD 20.1 bln), compared to RUB 1,323.5 bln (USD 17.6 bln) in April 2020.

Money Market

Money Market turnover increased by 5.3% to RUB 42.9 trln (April 2020: RUB 40.7 trln). ADTV was RUB 1,949.2 bln (April 2020: RUB 1,859.9 bln).

The CCP-cleared repo segment reached RUB 24.5 trln (+3.8%), including the GCC repo segment which totalled RUB 6.8 trln (+7.1%).

Precious Metals Market

Turnover in precious metals (spot and swaps) rose by 19.9x to reach RUB 24.8 bln (April 2020: RUB 1.2 bln), of which RUB 24.7 bln (5.7 t) was gold and RUB 0.1 bln (1.8 t) was silver.

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