19.10.2021 13:04

Preliminary parameters for start of trading in global depository receipts on Softline Holding Limited ordinary shares

Moscow Exchange announces preliminary trading parameters of its Central Order Book T+ (TQBR) to be applied to global depository receipts (GDRs) representing ordinary shares of Softline Holding Limited (ISIN – US83407L2079) in case the decision to start trading of the security is made. From 8 October 2021, the Drs are included in the Moscow Exchange Level 1 List (https://www.moex.com/n36801).

  • Ticker: SFTL
  • ISIN US83407L2079
  • Lot in the Central Order Book T+ (TQBR): one GDR
  • Tick: RUB 0.01

Please note that this information contains preliminary values.

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