02.09.2013 17:02

Polymetal International shares included in Moscow Exchange index calculation

Moscow Exchange released its quarterly index component revision on 2 September, which comes into force on the 17th. Polymetal International shares are to be added to the MICEX and RTS indices, as well as to the Broad Market Index and Metals & Mining Index.

Polymetal International is the first foreign stock to be included in the exchange"s main indices. The stock has become among the most liquid with one of the highest market caps since its IPO on 20 June this year, affording it a place in our indices.

Selection of stocks for inclusion in our indices is made by the Index Committee, which includes leading Russian financial analysts and representatives of professional market participants.

All Moscow Exchange sector indices are subdivisions of the Broad Market Index, which comprises 100 stocks. The 50 stocks with the highest market cap constitute the MICEX Index and RTS Index, with the other 50 constituting the Second Tier Index. Sector indices are calculated by dividing the broad market stocks into their respective sectors. The 15 most liquid stocks with the highest market cap constitute the Blue Chip Index. Moscow Exchange has a wide spectrum of indices catering to various users. The use of a single methodology, as well as the calculation of each index in two currencies, enables investors to compare price movements across various rouble and FX denominated asset groups, and to create financial instruments.

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