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    24.09.2013 13:32

    Listing tariffs changed due to new legislation

    New listing tariffs will come into force on Moscow Exchange on 30 September after being approved by MICEX's BoD on the 23rd.

    The alterations were necessitated by changes to tax legislation as well as to issuance and trading admission regulations. VAT is no longer collected for services rendered by the exchange in accordance with listing rules, and charges for admitting shares to trade on the exchange have been abolished.

    Tariffs for new services have been approved, including for adding and maintaining securities on the unlisted list, and for amending commercial paper decisions and/or prospectuses. The payment procedure for adding securities to quotation lists and evaluating them before moving them to a higher list, and the fee has been set for adding, maintaining, and evaluating instruments on the B list of foreign shares.

    Paragraph 3, Clause 13, Article 4 of the listing regulations comes into force on 30 September, mandating that changing commercial paper issue decisions and/or prospectuses by the exchange is payable.

    Please visit our site or contact our Listing Department at listing@moex.сom or +7 (495) 363 3232 for more detail.

    For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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