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12.04.2022 11:36

Additional information about the next release

Dear MOEX clients,

In addition to the announcement about planned on 25 April 2022 release of trading and clearing systems we would like to inform you about next changes.

Changes in clearing reports
1. Report on net liabilities and net claims (EQM13) will be supplemented with the following information:

· New DepoSum field to display liabilities on deposits;
· Actual sum placed on deposit (DataType = DEPO_FACT_SUM);
· Claim on deposit return (DataType = DEPO_RETURN); · Intention to conclude deposit contract (DataType = DEPO_INTENTION);

2. From 25 April, a new clearing report "Income paid to the Non-resident Clearing Member" (CCX51) is planned to generate for Non-resident Clearing Members, containing information on the amount of income tax that the NCC will withhold from Non-resident Clearing Members in favor of the Income recipients, taking into account the tax rates applicable to them. The report will be generated in the first half of the tax withholding day.

You may find specifications of clearing reports at MOEX website. XSD schemes and styles are available at FTP server

Percent risk parameters broadcast via FX market ASTS Bridge Broker interface
RM_INDICATIVE (Percent risk parameters) table will be added to current versions of ASTS Bridge interface Broker39 and Broker40. Presently, the RM_INDICATIVE table is only broadcasted via ASTS Bridge clearing interface BrokerRisk.

You may find updated Broker interface specifications on our FTP server:


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