01.09.2014 22:28

Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced

Moscow Exchange has revised the constituent lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices as well as free floats effective from September 16, 2014 through December 15, 2014.

JSC Acron and Yandex N.V. ords will be added to the MICEX Index and RTS Index, while JSC "MOESK" and Mechel ords will be removed. Free-float of Yandex N.V. (class A) is 97%. At the same time, in accordance with the new Free Float Methodology to be used in the index calculation bases this value is limited to 30%.

Sberbank prefs will be removed from Blue chip Index.

Yandex N.V. ords will be added to the Broad Market Index, while OJSC "GAZ", ords will be removed.

JSC "MOESK" and Mechel ords will join the Second-Tier Index, while OJSC "GAZ" and JSC Acron ords will leave it.

Our Sectoral Indices Calculation Methodology requires that shares included in the Broad Market Index also be included in the relevant sectoral index. Thus, OJSC "GAZ" will be removed from the Industrials Index.

Zhivoj office and Sofrinsky Experimental Mechanical Plant ords will leave it.

Summary table of changes in the Moscow Exchange Indices" Constituents Lists

Index Included Excluded
MICEX Index, RTS Index Yandex N.V. JSC "MOESK", Ordinary shares
JSC Acron, Ordinary shares Mechel, Ordinary shares
Blue Chip Index   Sberbank, Preferred shares
Broad Market Index Yandex N.V. OJSC "GAZ", Ordinary shares
Second-Tier Index JSC "MOESK" OJSC "GAZ", Ordinary shares
Mechel, Ordinary shares JSC Acron, Ordinary shares
Industrials Index   OJSC "GAZ", Ordinary shares
MICEX Innovation Index   Zhivoj office, Ordinary shares
  Sofrinsky Experimental Mechanical Plant, Ordinary shares

Summary table of changes in number of shares employed in the calculation of the Moscow Exchange Indices and included in the waiting lists, as well as free-float coefficients

Ticker Issuer Current number
of shares
New number
of shares
BANEP JSOC Bashneft, Preferred shares 29 788 012   100% 63%
CHMK CHMK, Ordinary shares 3 161 965     8%
GRAZ RAZGULAY Group OJSC, Ordinary shares 190 000 000   30% 21%
HALS HALS-Development JSC, Ordinary shares 11 217 094   21% 6%
HYDR JSC "RusHydro", Ordinary shares 317 637 520 094 386 255 464 890 34%  
JNOSP Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez, Preferred shares 310 884 574     14%
IRAO JSC "Inter RAO", Ordinary shares 10 440 000 997 683 10 440 000 000 000 18%  
IRKT Irkut Corporation, Ordinary shares 1 166 009 086   5% 4%
LSNG JSC "Lenenergo", Ordinary shares 1 135 061 313   13% 9%
MGTSP MGTS, Preferred shares 15 574 492   30% 31%
MOEX Moscow Exchange, Ordinary shares 2 278 636 493   37% 56%
MRKK "IDGC of Northern Caucasus", JSC, Ordinary shares 154 562 275   17% 8%
MRKS IDGC of Siberia, JSC, Ordinary shares 94 815 163 249   5% 4%
MSRS JSC "MOESK", Ordinary shares 48 707 091 574   10% 9%
PHST JSC "Pharmstandard", Ordinary shares 37 792 603   23% 39%
TGKB JSC "TGC-2", Ordinary shares 1 458 401 856 250   32% 21%
TGKD JSC "Quadra — Power Generation", Ordinary shares 1 912 505 577 759   50% 24%
TORSP Tomsk Distribution Company, Preferred shares 576 693 000     73%
VRPH ОАО "VEROPHARM", Ordinary shares 10 000 000   13% 7%
YNDX Yandex N.V.   259 151 342 68% 30%*

*coefficient, determined to use in the indices calculation

From September 16, 2014 the following shares will be under consideration.
Under consideration to be added to Moscow Exchange indices and to be removed from Moscow Exchange indices:

No Ticker Issuer Index
1 NMOS "Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation", Ordinary shares to be added
2 KRSG JSC Krasnoyarsk Hydro-Power Station, Ordinary shares to be added
3 TRCN JSC "TransContainer", Ordinary shares to be added
4 MGTSP MGTS, Preferred shares to be added
5 DGBZP Dorogobuzh, Preferred shares to be added
6 DVEC JSC "FEEC", Ordinary shares to be added
7 JNOSP Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorgsintez, Preferred shares to be added
8 AMEZ PJSC "Ashinskiy metallurgical works", Ordinary shares to be added
9 MRKZ IDGC of North-West, Ordinary shares to be added
10 TGKB JSC "TGC-2", Ordinary shares to be added
11 MRKK "IDGC of Northern Caucasus", JSC, Ordinary shares to be added
12 CHMK CHMK, Ordinary shares to be added
13 TORSP Tomsk Distribution Company, Preferred shares to be added
14 UTII JSC "Platform UTINET.RU", Ordinary shares to be added
15 KOGK Korshynov Mining Plant OАО, Ordinary shares to be removed
16 ISKJ Human Stem Cells Institute, Ordinary shares to be removed

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