Sponsored Access to MOEX Markets

Sponsored Access provides clients of MOEX Member Firms direct technical access to the Moscow Exchange trading system using Member Firm's trading code. A client is able to give instructions to a Member Firm (the "sponsoring firm") to be executed on the market directly through the trading system.

To avoid erroneous orders in the trading system, the Moscow Exchange (the "Exchange") provides sponsoring firms with risk management tools.  

Sponsored Market Access provides the following advantages:

Functionality Avaliability on MOEX markets:
Securities FX Derivatives
Low-latency connectivity solutions + + +*
Cancel On Disconnect / Post Trade Drop-Copy / Kill Switch + + +*
Cancel On Drop-Copy Disconnect + + 2018
Additional Pre-Trade Risk Controls** + 2018 2018
Member Firm Web Portal (SMA Portal) + 2018 2018

*under DMA service
**optional risk layer, besides existing pre-trade risk system in trading modules

The list of brokers providing client access to Moscow Exchange


Contact details:
Business Inquiries / International Sales – globalexchange@moex.com
Technical Inquiries – sma@moex.com or help@moex.com
Segregated Accountssegregation@moex.com

Equities Market Sales Division – +7 (495) 363-3232, ext. 26027, 26029
FX Market Sales Division – +7 (495) 363-3232, ext. 26123, 26124, 26241
Derivatives Market Sales Division – +7 (495) 363-3232, ext. 26061