24.12.2019 10:38

New derivatives market service

Dear Moscow Exchange derivatives market customers,

Starting December 23rd 2019 a new "Request For Stream (RFS)" service is available on T1 test environment. RFS is a technology included in derivatives market OTC platform which is aimed at high-volume liquidity attraction.
Main RFS advantages are:

• Initial margin is not required at quoting stage. Minimal IM requirements on liquidity request and quote placement. Collateral sufficiency check is performed before a trade is concluded.

• Risk of making an unwanted trade is minimized. An option to refuse from making a trade is present.

• Possibility to quote high volumes without big influence on the market. Quotes are seen only by interested participants.

• Trades are made with the whole quote volume. Partial order filling is not possible.

During the first stage connection to the service will be available via Plaza2 (CGate).
On second stage users will be able to connect with Plaza2 (CGate), FIX, TWIME for order placement and Plaza2 (CGate) to receive market data.

Changelog for Plaza2 (CGate) and connection parameters are attached and can also be found on our FTP server:



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