20.02.2013 15:23

Initial Margin requirement on the Moscow Exchange Derivatives Market

According to the proposal of the Derivatives Market Committee of Moscow Exchange CJSC JSCB National Clearing Centre decided to decrease the minimum initial margin for instruments on indices traded on the Derivatives Market and in the Standard Sector of the Moscow Exchange.

The decrease will take place during the evening clearing session on the 21th of February 2013.

Futures contracts/ Standard market sector instruments Initial Margin size
Basic size* New size
(starting from the evening
clearing session
on February 21, 2013)
RTSI 10%** 7.5%**
RTS Standard Index 10% 7.5%
MICEX Index 10% 7.5%
Troika Dialog AM, "Troika Dialog — RTS Standard Index", fund units 12% 10%

* percentage of the contract's value

** For this contract the minimum initial margin in ruble value is more designated as for the calculation of the initial margin and current usd/rub rate is used.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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