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27.02.2013 18:36

Trading volume in EUR/USD FX futures exceeded RUB35 billion

On February 26, 2013 trading volume and number of trades in the EUR/USD FX futures hit a record high.

By the end of the trading session the trading volume in the contract reached RUB35 billion or 881,561 contracts. The previous record of RUB29 billion (702,705 contracts) was fixed in November 2010.

A total of 25,372 trades in EUR/USD futures were executed on Tuesday, compared to 17,310 trades on February 21, 2013.

"We are seeing a steadily increasing interest towards the FX contracts of the Moscow Exchange"s Derivatives Market especially in the periods of high volatility levels. Furthermore, not only speculative trading, but hedging is used in such periods. Along with an increasing liquidity and market size for the FX futures, open interest and number of participants in the FX options have also grown considerably over the last six months thereby indicating an improvement in the hedging culture on the Russia"s on-exchange market", said Roman Sulzhyk, Managing Director of the Derivatives Market at Moscow Exchange.    

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