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28.02.2013 10:33

VTB bank shares are on the top Quotation List

On February 28, 2013 the shares of VTB bank were transferred to the top Quotation List A Level 1 (Quotation List "A1") of the CJSC "MICEX Stock Exchange".

The Quotation List "A1" represents a quotation list of the highest listing tier. The pension accumulations assets in the Russian Federation Pension Fund under the trust management and accumulations in the non-state Pension Funds are allowed for investing into securities listed in this Quotation List.

Shares of VTB Bank have started trading in the Securities Market of the Moscow Exchange since 2007.

Andrey Kostin, the President and Chairman of the Management Board at VTB Bank, said: "New listing will significantly expand the list of VTB investors to include Russian non-state pension funds; the companies managing the assets of the RF Pension Fund and other investors" assets. This will definitely foster the Bank's capitalization increase".

"Further improvement of listing procedures gives its first results. Such high-profile issuers as VTB Bank are given an opportunity to be listed on the top quotation lists, and that contributes to significantly broadens opportunities for investors of all categories", said Alexander Afanasiev, the CEO of the Moscow Exchange.

Quotation lists mean all the securities admitted to trading on the Securities Market of the Moscow Exchange (operator of the MICEX Stock Exchange") and marked in the List of Securities Admitted to Trading on the MICEX Stock Exchange as separate sections. Quotation List A Level 1 represents the top quotation list of the Exchange. Listing the securities on the Quotation List of this category means that the client meets the highest liquidity, business transparency and corporate governance standards. Thus only securities of highly-rated issuers may be included into this Quotation List.

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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