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24.08.2021 16:13

Moscow Exchange announces results of the first year of trading in international securities

24 August 2021 marks one year since the start of trading in international stocks on Moscow Exchange.

Over this period, the number of international securities traded on MOEX reached 204. This number will increase to 281, on 1 September and is expected to rise to 500 by the end of the year.

Since the launch of trading in international securities on Moscow Exchange, 211,000 individuals have executed trades.

The average daily trading volume reached RUB 3.5 billion in July 2021.

Seventy-six brokers and banks offer their clients to trade international securities on MOEX.

Boris Blokhin, Head of the MOEX Equity Market, said:

"Moscow Exchange launched trading in foreign stocks in response to investor demand and since the launch, these products have proved popular. International stocks represent approximately 4% of total volumes of the MOEX Equity Market. By the end of the year, we expect to expand the number of international securities traded on MOEX to 500. In 2022, the number of international securities on Moscow Exchange will reach 1,000. In the near future, we plan to launch trading in currencies other than Russian rouble. We will bring additional jurisdictions and expand the range of services, as we always have, providing our clients with reliable, high-quality and affordable service."

International stocks are currently traded and settled in RUB using MOEX’s robust infrastructure, which includes a qualified central counterparty and record-keeping with the central securities depository. Dividends are set in the issuers’ currency, i.e. in USD for American securities.

Individual investors may submit Form W8 used to calculate the dividend tax payable for U.S. securities.
For more information on international equities traded on MOEX, please visit the Moscow Exchange website.

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