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18.04.2022 20:18

Systems update on 25 April 2022

Dear clients,

We remind you that the next release of trading and clearing systems of Securities, FX and Derivatives markets is scheduled for 25 April 2022. Click the following links for more details:

On Saturday, 23 April 2022, the final testing will be held on the production environments of all markets.

The detailed plan will be sent out later.

To participate in the final testing, please send a request to till 21 April 2022, 17:00 MSK in which please specify:

  1. For the Derivatives market:
  • Contact person, responsible for testing
  • Broker
  • Login and clearing register used for testing
  • IP address used for testing

For all Plaza2 gates and trading terminal logins participating in testing the passwords will be reset to 12345. Please set this password in the client_router.ini file for testing period.

  1. For the Securities and FX markets:
  • Contact person responsible for testing
  • Firm or user IDs
  • IP addresses used for testing (if it is different from current production settings)

If you don’t want to participate in testing we recommend you to disconnect your systems from production environments of all markets for that weekend (23-24 April) in order to avoid receiving test market data.

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