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02.05.2012 18:05

Final settlement prices determined for April power futures contracts

On May 2, 2012 futures contracts on the average power price index in the Center hub (ECBM-4.12 and ECPM-4.12), Ural hub (EUBM-4.12 and EUPM-4.12), Western Siberia hub (SWBM-4.12) and Eastern Siberia hub (SEBM-4.12) were settled.
In accordance with the contracts' specifications the following final settlement prices were calculated:

  • ECBM-4.12 – 917.63 RUB/MWh
  • ECPM-4.12 – 1,055.69 RUB/MWh
  • EUBM-4.12 – 863.32 RUB/MWh
  • EUPM-4.12 – 949.28 RUB/MWh
  • SEBM-4.12 – 695.63 RUB/MWh
  • SWBM-4.12 – 685.10 RUB/MWh.

The final settlement price is computed in accordance with the contract's specifications based on the arithmetical mean of all values of the underlying power prices index.

The below positions were settled for the following amounts:

  • ECBM-4.12 – 2,156 contracts for RUB 142. mln
  • ECPM-4.12 – 388 contracts  for RUB11.186 mln
  • EUBM-4.12 – 336 contracts  for RUB20,878 mln
  • EUPM-4.12 – 354 contracts for RUB9,171 mln
  • SWBM-4.12 – 2 contracts for 0.098 mln.  

During the lifetime of the April power futures 1,779 trades with a total value of RUB8,164 billion representing 136,641 contracts were executed. 3,236 contracts for a total of RUB183 million were settled. 

For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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