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Trade Locally

Since the merger of RTS and MICEX the move from trading depository receipts to locally listed
equities has become much easier for international financial institutions. All the infrastructural and
legislative changes have significantly increased the level of accessibility to the Russian market for the international investor.

Key points for choosing local shares on MOEX over Depository Receipts:

  • Significant long-term cost benefits in holding local securities over DRS due to Depository Bank charges

Accessing Russian market has never been so convenient before, as now it is with the up-to-date infrastructure and legislation.

  • No restrictions on investments in local securities
  • No approval is required to start investing
  • Ability to hold and settle shares in Euroclear and Clearstream
  • USD DVP supported by all the major custodians
  • No restrictions on RUB currency
  • Up-to-date infrastructure and T+2 settlement cycle
  • Cross trading is now allowed via a CCP

International Sales Team Contacts:

A wide range of Global Banks and Brokers provide high and low touch access to the Moscow Exchange.

Here is the list of Electronic Access providers

  • MOEX-listed Shares Superiority is based on the following criteria
  • Deeper liquidity
  • Cheap and transparent ownership
  • More protective for the shareholder: