Trade Simulation Server

The FX market's trading simulator gives all types of clients including prospective foreign clients, an opportunity to practice in trading various kinds of FX instruments and developing algorithmic strategies for trading robots.

The facility will be valuable for trading members providing access to trading on the FX market to their clients and teaching them to trade online.

Operating principles

  1. 10 best trading system's online quotes with random errors are available (+/- 3-7 price ticks with an exact value determined randomly per instrument as the system is loaded).
  2. All trading system's online trades with random errors are available (+/- 3-7 price ticks).
  3. All prices are calculated based on trades of the real and simulation systems.
  4. Price deviations are capped at 2.5% of the average weighted price.
  5. The average weighted price is calculated based on trades the real and simulation systems.
  6. Trading hours of the simulation system are fully the same as of the real system.

Commercial terms for connection to the mock trading server

Connection to the mock trading on the FX market costs USD525 per month, exclusive of VAT. To conclude the respective agreement, please contact Market Data Sales Team at, +7 (495) 363-3232

How to connect

To get connected, please send us a request to with the following information indicated therein:

  1. name of the company;
  2. employee's contact details;
  3. connection method (via the internet or a leased line);
  4. number of IDs.