Electronic Data Interchange

Moscow Exchange Electronic Data Interchange system

Moscow Exchange uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for the Equity Market's Main Market sector, as well as for the Derivatives, FX, and Money, Commodity, and OTC Markets.

The Moscow Exchange certification centre prepares certificates for the following Moscow Exchange group services:

  • Internet trading terminals;
  • Internet gateways for connecting participants' external systems to Moscow Exchange's markets;
  • Data cooperation with trading participants (collection of reports from Moscow Exchange trading members, National Clearing Centre clearing members, and MICEX SE trading members, provision of trading and clearing results to trading members);
  • Collection of OTC deal data;
  • Internet client bank for the National Settlement Depositary;
  • Client of the National Settlement Depositary Automated System for Electronic Settlement;
  • Luch software (depositary, clearing, data services for National Settlement Depositary clients);
  • Universal file gateways, etc.

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Moscow Exchange Electronic Data Interchange system

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