10th December 2018

ITI Funds UCITs ETF SICAV - RTS Equity UCITS ETF sub fund

Notice of Dividend Payment to Shareholders

On the 29th November the board of ITI Funds UCITS ETF SICAV approved the below dividend for 2018 year.

Fund Name - ITI Funds RTS Equity UCITS ETF SICAV
ISIN - LU1483649312
Declared Dividend - USD 0.76 per share

The dividend will be paid to shareholders on the 17th December 2018. As from the NAV dated the 11th December 2018, the shares issued in this sub fund will be considered as ex-dividend.


Mr. Elio Manca
Managing Director - London Office  Tel +44 0207 562 8081
Email: elio.manca@itifunds.com

Mr Gleb Yakovlev
Chief Executive Officer - Moscow Office  Tel +7 (985)760 3832
Email: gleb.yakovlev@itifunds.com