Innovations 2021

From March 29 MOEX FX Market expanded the available trading modes for algorithmic TWAP orders

In addition to the Main Board (CETS mode) and Speedbump (SDBP mode) algorithmic TWAP orders is available in the "OTC market" Board (OTCT mode)

The TWAP algorithm will expand the opportunities for working with EUR/USD, GBP/USD and other G10 instruments at prices from global FX liquidity providers.

More about TWAP 

From March 29 the minimum order size in the new service Clearing of OTC trades with CCP has changed

New minimum OTC order size is 1 unit of currency in the service "Clearing of OTC trades with CCP".

From March 29 the dynamic value of the weighted average rate is available from 10:00 to 11:30 Moscow time

For the convenience of FX market participants, a new field "Weighted Average Rate from 10:00 to 11:30" is added with a dynamically calculated value of the weighted average rate for a given period.
The new field will appear in the trading terminal MOEX Trade Currency in the table "Financial Instruments", on the website and statistical information server (ISS).

From April 26 Small Lots will be launched - a new service product for FX market participants and clients that expands the opportunities of trading with small amounts.

Main parameters of new instruments

Tool Value date Lot of orders Min and max order size in Main Board (CETS) Quotation for Price step Trading time
USDRUB_TMS T+1 0.01 USD Min: 1 USD
Max: 999.99 USD
1 USD RUB 0.0025 07:00 - 23:50

EUR RUB _TMS T+1 0.01 EUR Min: 1 EUR
Max: 999.99 EUR


  • Fee – 0,075% (of the trade amount)
  • The minimum fee is 1 RUB.

To close positions in the negotiated board (CNGD mode), "technical" instruments are introduced with a minimum order and a lot of 1 cent (spot instruments with T+0 and T+1 settlements and swap o/n).

Learn more about new instruments and an example of fee calculating: Small lots on the MOEX FX market 

In 2021 MOEX FX Market will introduce SWAP and gold trading with foreign providers of liquidity

Trading in TOM/NEXT swaps in EUR/USD, GBP/USD, XAU/USD will be organized through the technology Request for Stream - RFS (RFSM board)

Trading in gold (instrument XAU/USD_SPT) "location London" will be held in the "OTC Market" Board (OTCT mode)

Parameters of instruments

Lot currency EUR GBP XAU XAU
Conjugated currency USD
Value date TOM / NEXT (T+1/T+2) T+2
Price step 0.0000001 USD 0.0000001 USD 0,00001 USD 0,001 USD
Lot of applications 1 EUR 1 GBP 10 oz
(311.035 g.)
10 oz
(311.035 g.)
Minimum order size 100 000 EUR 100 000 GBP 10 oz
(311.035 g.)
10 oz
(311.035 g.)
Maximum order size 10 000 000 EUR 10 000 000 GBP 2 000 oz (62 207.0 gr.) 2 000 oz (62 207.0 gr.)

For instruments with gold, for accounting purposes, 1 ounce of gold = 31.1035 grams, the reports reflect the amount of gold in grams with an accuracy of 1 decimal place (10 oz = 311.0 grams).


For new instruments the volume-related clearing fee is applied regardless of the selected fee package:

  • TOM/NEXT swaps – 0,0006%
  • XAUUSD_SPT – 0,005%.