Morning session on the Equity Market

Factors for the launch of pre-market trading on MOEX Equity Market:

  • The experience of the MOEX Equity Bond, Derivatives and FX Markets shows the interest of both private investors and professional traders in the expansion of trading hours.
  • Since the launch of morning trading on the MOEX Derivatives and FX Markets, its share has averaged ~ 8-10%, and the share of the evening session on the FX Market is more than 8%.
  • Morning session on the Equity Market will provide new opportunities for investors, including arbitrage strategies, and hedging, as well as expand the market instrument offering, also thanks to the admission of Asian securities.
  • Trading members and their clients will be able to join a special market making program, which will be valid both for lmain sessional and international securities admitted to morning trading.
  1. What time will the morning session be held?
  2. What modes will be used for the morning trading session?
  3. What will be the trading hours on the Equity Market given the launch of the morning session?
  4. Will the trading hours of the Bond and Repo Markets be changed due to the launch of pre-market trading?
  5. Are active non-filled orders submitted in the pre-market session cancelled before the Main Session?
  6. What types of trades are available in pre-market trading on the Equity Market?
  7. What types of trades are not available in pre-market trading on the Equity Market?
  8. What securities are available for pre-market trading?
  9. Where will one be able to see if a security admitted to pre-market trading?
  10. What types of orders will be available?
  11. How will the MOEX Russia Index be calculated during pre-market trading?
  12. How will reports be changed?
  13. What changes are expected in market data transmission?
  14. Will there be an online customer registration option during the evening session trading?
  15. A trading member is NOT planning to make trades in the pre-market session on the Equity & Bond Market. What actions will be required for that?
  16. When will the pre-market trading functionality be tested?
  17. When will be the brakes in receiving reports on OTC transactions due to the maintenance period taking into account the launch of the morning session on the Equity Market?
  18. What trading modes will be admitted to the morning session from 6th of December 2021?
  19. At what time the aggregated trading results will be available during the morning session?
  20. At what time will be available the depersonalized registers of transactions concluded in the morning session?