After-hours trading on MOEX's Equity Market

After-hours trading on the Equity Market was launched on 22 June 2020.


  • As an increasing number of private and international investors seek to join the Russian stock market, an opportunity to trade across instruments from any part of the world at any time is needed.
  • After-hours trading volume accounted for ~19% of the total turnover on MOEX’s Derivatives Market and ~8% on the FX Market.
  • Trading equities in after hours provides further options for the execution of trading strategies including hedging and arbitrage with MOEX’s Derivatives and FX Markets as well as between international marketplaces.
  1. At what times will the after-hours trading be available?
  2. What types of transactions will be available for equity market after-hours?
  3. What types of transactions will not be available for equity market after-hours?
  4. Which securities will be admitted to after-hours trading?
  5. Where the attribute "a share admitted/not admitted to Evening Session" be disclosed?
  6. Which boards will be available for after-hours trading?
  7. What order types will be available for after-hours session?
  8. How does the MOEX Russia Index is calculated in the after-hours session?
  9. How will the reporting be changed?
  10. How will market data transmission be changed?
  11. Will online client registration be possible during evening trading sessions?
  12. What steps are required to be taken by a trading member which DOES NOT wish to trade after-hours?
  13. Can we end equity trading before 19:00?