05.02.2020 15:50

Derivatives market RFS service public testing

Dear derivatives market customers,
We remind you that we continue public testing for new Request for Stream (RFS) service on T1 test environment. Production launch is planned for February 17th 2020.

In addition to previously made available access via Plaza2 (CGate) protocol, now it is possible to test the service via TWIME and FIX.

Changes description and connection parameters can be found on our FTP server:

Also, following changes to reports for RFS service are available on T1 test environment:

  • In clientsXX00.csv/clientsXXYY.csv new field is added: lp_code - Request for Stream (RFS) Liquidity Provider code
  • In ind04_XXYY.csv, indlink_XXYY.csv new field is added: trading_mode – trading type information for the quasideal: iqs, rfs.
  • New requests_XXYY.csv repport is added – information about quotes in liquidity requests, placed for Brokerage firm and its clients
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