10.02.2020 17:13

Update of trading and clearing systems

Dear MOEX clients,

We remind you that next release of the trading and clearing platforms of Securities, FX and Derivatives markets is scheduled for 17 February 2020.

Innovations and changes in the Derivatives market system:

  • Option for reservation of brokerage fee on client accounts, addition of the options premium turnover value, changes in FAST (more on the web-site).
  • New Request for Stream (RFS) service.
  • Changes in connection to IQS service via TWIME.

On the Securities and FX markets MOEX Trade SE/Currency terminals will be updated, IFC_Broker24 and IFCBroker_25 ASTS Bridge interfaces will be decommissioned, and a number of inner technological changes will be implemented which will not affect clients.

On Saturday, 15 February 2020, the final testing of the release will be held on the production environment. To participate in this testing please send a request to help@moex.com till 13 February 2020, 18:00 MSK, in which please specify:

1. Contact person, responsible for the testing,

2. For the Derivatives market:

a. Broker

b. Login and clearing register used for testing

c. IP address used for testing

3. For Securities and FX markets:

a. Client or trading member IDs

b. IP addresses, if they differ from the production addresses.

The detailed testing plan will be published in a few days, the preliminary systems’ availability time is 12:40 MSK

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