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    Network access to Moscow Exchange


    Fully configurable solution

    Direct "point-to-point" connection
    through NSP of client's choice.

    Universal scheme

    Connection through MOEX-certified
    Telecom providers' clouds.


    Lowest latency access

    Equipment co-location
    in MOEX DC in Moscow.

    Points of Presence

    Global infrastructure

    MOEX connectivity services
    in top financial centers.


    Connectivity over VPN
    or Public Internet with cryptography.


    ms Latency
    minimum round trip time


    Fully configurable, safe and fail-tolerant point-to-point connection through wide range of telecom providers.

    Network:InternetNSPs certified by MOEXNSP of Client's choice
    Router:Managed by ClientManaged by MOEX
    NAMEXНавигаторTerminalsASTS BridgePlaza IITWIMEFIFOFIXFAST


    ConnectME is a fully customized solution designed as a direct point-to-point connection between the client facility and the Exchange network equipment. For telecom services the customer can choose from wide range of telecom providers globally however the last mile operator must be licensed to provide services in Russia.

    The solution provides a safe and fail-tolerant route fully monitored and managed by the Exchange professionals.

    ConnectME service consists of two parts:

    • Connection to the MOEX network equipment;
    • Setup and support of the Client's router configuration.

    Key Benefits:

    • Single entry point to all the Moscow Exchange markets.
    • Wide range of telecommunication carriers*.
    • Stable network latency and fixed channel bandwidth.
    • Flexibly configurable redundancy options.

    * Operator must be pre-approved by MOEX.

    MOEX also offers ConnectME Test service to access UAT environment for testing and software certification purpose.


    Connectivity service cost

    Price is indicative. User IDs and other information and technological services are subject to additional charge.
    Monthly starting from: 20 000 RUB
    (1G production port in the Main or DR DC + Network equipment installation and setup, per 1 unit)
    One-off charge starting from: 20 000 RUB
    Network equipment costs and dedicated channel organization are not included.
    Fee Schedule

    Feel free to contact us:

    +7 (495) 363-3232 ext. 5656


    Moscow Exchange partners

    Network providers authorized for Universal Scheme and ConnectME

    Network providers in MOEX Co-location

    Certified third party front end systems

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