2017 Сlearing Innovations

Changes in clearing, which will be implemented by two stages, are provided within a framework of releases on markets: SM2017-2, DM2017-2, FXM2017-1.

Attention! Changes will affect all Clearing Members

Table showing changes in respect of each market and time frames for stages implementation

New in clearing. New market release advisory (SM2017-2, DM2017-2, FM2017-1)

List of changes

  1. Implementation of TRAN transactions in trading and clearing systems
  2. Change of the fee for recording collateral in EUR & CHF on all markets
  3. Change in the order for cash funds return
  4. Penalties for cut-off time breach on all markets
  5. Changing the status of collateral from the Individual Clearing Collateral to the other collateral
  6. Change in the order for fee charging
  7. Changes in clearing reports
  8. Refusal to use the software "File Gateway" in respect of operations with cash funds

On July 18, 2017, the webinar "Changes in clearing within releases on markets in 2017" was held.

The recording of the webinar (in Russian) (for better sound please use headphones)

On August 3, 2017, the seminar "Changes in clearing and the Unified Collateral Pool" was held.

The recording of the seminar will be available soon (in Russian).

Webinar Q&A (in Russian)

Examples of reports and new XML-styles are placed here

If you have any questions regarding the abovementioned changes, please direct them to the email address ps@moex.com

Contacts:  +7 (495) 363-32-32, ext.2130, Chaptykova Irina