Changes in the negotiated trades mode

Since February 13, 2012, in the trading and clearing system of the MICEX-RTS FX Market off-book (addressed) trades in all instruments (including soft currencies) are executed in a new separate trading mode. These trades can no longer be executed in the main trading mode.

  1. Parameters of the new trading mode:
    • Identifier – "CNGD", name - "Negotiated trades".
    • Schedule of the new trading mode:
      • for instruments other than "soft currencies" with TOD settlement  – from 10.00 am to 3.15 pm;
      • for "soft currencies" with TOD settlement  from 10.00 am to 11.00 am;
      • for all instruments with settlement date other than TOD  – from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.
    • Lot size for soft currencies and the dual-currency basket remains the same as the lot size for similar instruments traded in the main trading mode.
    • For the rest of instruments as well as for swap trades the lot size in the new trading mode is set at 1,000 units of the relevant currency.
    • All users serviced by the trading participants are admitted to trading in the new trading mode by default. The trading participant may request the Exchange to disable certain user identifiers as may be necessary.
  2. Price bands.
    • Price bands for all instruments traded in the new trading mode are the same as those established for these instruments in the main trading mode.
    • As price bands established for instruments are revised in the main trading mode appropriate adjustments are made in the new trading mode.
  3. Information disclosure.
    • Market data on trades executed in the main and new trading modes is provided and disclosed separately.
    • Market data on trades executed in the new trading mode is disclosed in accordance with the information disclosure principles adopted at the time for off-book trades made in the main trading mode of the Moscow Exchange's Securities Market:
      • via the workstation and on the website information about off-book trades is published separately (prices, volumes, number of trades, etc);
      • information about off-book trades except trade parties information is published in the disclosable "All trades" list.
  4. Changes in reports provided to trading participants based on the trading results.

In xml-reports "Extract from the orders register" and "Extract from the trades register" off-book orders (trades) will be shown in lines from BOARDID = CETS (similar to on-book trades). In xslt-styles of these reports orders (trades) will be displayed in the report block "Session name: UTS main session" that also contains on-book orders (trades). In this case off-book orders (trades) can be singled out by the filled out field "Code of the ultimate counterparty".
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