Trusted and resilient market infrastructure

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. Advanced cybersecurity practices are essential to the Exchange’s systematic and proactive approach to confronting and managing cyber threats, both existing and emerging. Given the crucial role that MOEX plays in the evolving financial market, it has an enormous responsibility to take the lead on cyber resilience efforts, establish trust and collaboration among participants, promote initiatives to enhance sector capabilities and increase cyber awareness.
MOEX Group believes that achieving operational resilience is critical. As a neutral trading platform and service provider, the Group must ensure trustworthiness by maintaining transparency and facilitating market access while providing quality services. The Group pays attention to the quality of information it provides, thereby creating trust among investors. The company’s security policies protect its infrastructure from different types of cyber threats. Investors appreciate the benefits of trading in a completely secure and trusted environment. Below, MOEX Group highlights the range of measures it is undertaking to ensure that its operations proceed unimpeded.

MOEX Group corporate goals relevant for this focus area and set in line with UN SDG targets

SDG 9.b Ensure the sustainability of the financial infrastructure

Major highlights in trusted and resilient market infrastructure

  1. Risk management
  2. Information security
  3. Technology development
  4. Market access and customer experience