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Social Responsibility and Charity

Sustainability report of Moscow Exchange 2021

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As the institution at the heart of the Russian financial markets infrastructure, Moscow Exchange is committed to supporting programs to improve the public"s financial literacy and develop the local securities market. In addition, the Exchange is actively involved in charitable programs that channel funds to those in need, particularly children.

Moscow Exchange laid the foundation of its charitable giving policy in 2012 with the adoption of a corporate policy on charity. We are committed to ensuring that our social responsibility projects produce long-term results.

Improving Financial Literacy

Moscow Exchange regards improving the financial literacy of the population as one of its objectives. For this purpose, we are in constant partnership with the Expert Group on Financial Education at FSFM and other organizations, and we act as organizers and partners of numerous events aimed at enhancing financial literacy. We enthusiastically support educational efforts in Russia"s regions. In 2012, we conducted the All-Russian Financial Awareness Conference as well as Financial Awareness Days in Russia"s Regions (Ulyanovsk, Samara and Arkhangelsk Regions). At the invitation of the local administration, similar events were held in the Krasnodar Region. Training workshops and trainings for young investors were also arranged in Rostov-on-Don, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod.

Another important direction is youth outreach. Moscow Exchange cooperates with schools, colleges and universities on an ongoing basis. In 2012, around 3,000 university students and schoolchildren visited our Museum of Exchange History. Lectures and workshops were held directly in financial companies, universities and schools. Representatives of the Exchange took part in the Financial Literacy Forum for Moscow Senior High School Students and were on the jury of the All-Russian Contest of Students" Literacy Awareness Papers. Moscow Exchange has supported the Kustorka international youth camp of financial literacy in the Nizhny Novgorod Region for several years. Exchange employees visit the camp to deliver lectures, to hold workshops and facilitate business games.

Partnership with higher educational institutions

Strategic partnerships with Russia"s leading technical and economic higher educational institutions are an important aspect of the Exchange"s CSR policy. The Higher Educational Institutions Cooperation Program provides targeted training of highly qualified personnel for the Exchange and the entire industry and facilitates the implementation of R&D projects in Economics and Technology.

In 2012, cooperation agreements in educational, scientific and consulting fields were signed with the Higher School of Economics, Plekhanov Russian Economic University, and the Russian National Economics and Public Service Academy of the Russian President. We conduct joint research and development on securities market development with these higher educational institutions and we cooperate on research and practical issues surrounding the creation of an International Financial Center. A major aspect of this cooperation is the development of practically oriented programs for training financial market specialists.

The Exchange maintains close ties with technical higher educational institutions through many years of partnership. We supervise the Mathematical Software Systems Department in the Moscow Engineering and Physical Institute, which educates specialists in Computer Technologies for Exchange and Banking Systems. In 2012, we signed a cooperation agreement with the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute and founded a joint laboratory, Moscow Exchange/PhysTech, to conduct scientific and applied projects. Students work actively on the Exchange"s objectives, conduct internships, and have the opportunity to implement their projects jointly with the Exchange"s employees. Some developments and innovations have already been introduced at the Exchange.

Charitable giving

Support of orphans and children in need is a key element of Moscow Exchange's CSR program. As part of our program of charitable giving to children, funds were donated in 2012 to projects of a number of charitable organizations, including:

  • Children"s Home Foundation: assistance in organizing Cheburashka's Birthday, an annual charitable event that gathers more than 1,000 orphaned and disabled children;
  • Volunteers to Aid Orphan Children Foundation: assistance in holding a football tournament among orphanages;
  • Illustrated Books for Blind Children, a regional charitable non-governmental foundation: printing books for children with impaired vision;
  • Perspective, a Nizhny Novgorod regional non-governmental organization: repairs and purchases new equipment for children"s recovery;
  • Pilgrim, an inter-regional non-governmental organization of disabled persons: assistance in arranging for exchanges between Russian and German disabled youth;
  • Vera, a charitable foundation for hospices: assistance to children as part of the Assistance to Children charitable program.

Additionally, financial aid was provided to the Who If Not Me charitable foundation, the National Social Foundation, the Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia, and the Kurmysh Children"s Asylum (a state public institution). Funds were also allocated for urgent assistance to the victims of the flood in Krymsk.

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