Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

In 2022, Moscow Exchange made a comprehensive assessment of material topics, taking into consideration the opinions of key stakeholders. As a result of this assessment, 29 topics were identified; their significance was then evaluated according to the following principles:

> The new GRI Standards (2021) require distinguishing the sustainability topics by the significance of actual and potential, negative and positive impacts on the stakeholders.
> The integral rating of the material topic is calculated as the sum of the levels of positive and negative impact on the stakeholders.
> All of the material topics with an integral impact rating above 5.5 are rated as material.
> Indicators of non-material topics may be disclosed in the sustainability report but are not covered

by professional assurance.

Based on this analysis, the Group prepared a list of 17 topics that it deemed material and mandatory for disclosure. Information on other 12 topics has also been disclosed selectively.

Based on the results of prioritization, the list of material sustainability topics was approved by a decision of the Moscow Exchange Executive Board.


Based on the result of the materiality assessment and integration of ESG activities and projects into

Group’s 2024 strategy, MOEX Group has formulated a set of sustainability focus areas, that reflects its most significant ESG topics.

MOEX’s approach to formulating these overlapping areas was informed by the following criteria:

1. These focus areas are related to the most important ESG challenges, risks and opportunities that Moscow Exchange Group is facing and that are inherent to its industry;
2. These areas are important for MOEX stakeholders;
3. Focus areas are significant for MOEX because within these areas it can deliver the most positive impact as a company and as a financial infrastructure operator.


Genuine corporate governance and business ethics Respect for human rights,
equal opportunities and staff engagement
Environmentally friendly and trusted market infrastructure Advanced practices of responsible investing Trusted relations with local communities
G1 Corporate governance system
G2 Business ethics and compliance
G3 Supply chain management
G4 Expanding sustainability partnerships

As the largest exchange in Russia, MOEX Group establishes corporate governance standards for public companies as part of its listing procedures.
Serving as example for other companies, the Group has a well-established corporate governance system and commits to high standards of corporate business conduct, including zero tolerance to corruption and money
laundering. Engaging with companies
through different channels, the Group strives to enhance the quality of ESG information disclosure
and raise awareness about sustainable
development trends.
R1 Employee engagement and efficiency
R2 Learning and development
R3 Diversity and equal opportunities
R4 Health, safety and well-being of employees

Being a responsible employer of highly skilled staff, MOEX Group ensures decent working conditions and healthy corporate culture that provides employees with the necessary foundation to manage a variety of day-to-day activities and develop appropriate professional skills.
The Group believes that diversity and inclusion in the workplace helps it to perform better, because different people often see the same problem in different ways and propose unique solutions. That is why MOEX Group maintains well-balanced personal structure and doesn’t discriminate on any ground.

E1 Risk management
E2 Information security
E3 Sustainable technological development
E4 Eco-efficiency and low-carbon development
E5 Market access and customer outreach

Exchange infrastructure serves as a trusted environment for market participants, reliable in terms of cybersecurity and data privacy.
Moscow Exchange Group’s risk management systems as well as information security and data privacy systems ensure the continuity of trading, clearing and settlement, especially in conditions of high volatility on the financial market.

A1 Development of exchange-based sustainable financing
A2 ESG indices and market data
A3 Growth and IIM sectors
A4 Registry for and trading in carbon units
A5 Communication of sustainability trends, standards and practices to issuers
A6 Improvement of Moscow Exchange’s ESG disclosure and ESG ratings MOEX Group contributes significantly to sustainable economic growth and development by using innovative financing mechanisms and reorienting financial markets through development of new financial instruments for responsible investing, maintenance of markets’ transparent functioning and development of fair competition.

The Group develops exchange infrastructure in order to expand the local investor base and provide access to funding for all companies, including innovative ones as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

T1 Financial literacy of retail investors
T2 Charity and sponsorship
T3 Business, educational and image-making events

MOEX Group recognizes its responsibility to support communities and create shared benefits. MOEX group sees value in enhancing population’s financial literacy since it empowers the community.
Participation in working groups and regulatory initiatives enables the Group to create a more favorable regulatory environment. At the same time, sponsorship and charity is an important area of focus for implementing the Exchange’s social responsibility.

More detailed information on the progress in the implementation of the main areas of activity of MOEX Group may be found in its sustainability reports.

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