07.07.2014 17:10

United Heavy Machinery Plants ords to be delisted

From 8 August 2014, United Heavy Machinery Plants ordinary shares are to be excluded from the Level 3 list of securities admitted to trading on MICEX SE. This is due to a request from the company to remove the stock. The share parameters are:

·         Security type: ordinary share

·         State issue registration number: 1-01-30174-D, dated 23 April 2004

·         Ticker:  OMZZ

·         ISIN: RU0009090542

Trading in the securities will be stopped on the delisting day, i.e. 8 August 2014 (7 August 2014 will be the securities" last trading day).


For further information, please contact the Public Relations Department at (495) 363-3232.

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