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Moscow Exchange Indices (MOEX Russia Index and RTS Index)

Equity indices

Moscow Exchange maintains the development and calculation the indices for the Russian equity market. The index calculation based on a free-float capitalization weighting approach. MOEX equity indices are well-known and widely used by global investment community as well as by financial products sponsors.

The indices include the benchmark MOEX Russia Index (before December, 2017 – MICEX Index) and RTS Index, which comprise the most liquid stocks from Russia's largest issuers; the Blue Chip Index, comprising the 15 most capitalized Russian companies; the Moscow Exchange SMID Indices, comprising the small and medium capitalization liquid stocks listed in Russia; and the Broad Market Index, which include the top 100 shares selected by the criteria of liquidity, capitalization and shares that are in free-float. The constituents of the Broad Market Index are also divided into sectoral indices.

Moscow Exchange's indices are calculated in RUB and USD. Moscow Exchange also calculates total return indices and several thematic indices that are not included in the main index family; these are the MOEX 10 Index, and the MOEX Innovation Index.