25.12.2017 18:05

Final Settlement of Brent Oil Futures Contract in January 2019

Please note that in January 2019, the MOEX Brent Oil Futures Contract will be settled as follows.

The Brent Oil Futures Contract (BR-1.19) expired on 1 January 2019 has been added to the Exchange’s trading system (the date was determined pursuant to the third paragraph of section 1.5 of the contract specification). The contract corresponds with the ICE Brent Crude Futures contract expired on 31 December 2018. Thus, the MOEX futures will be settled at a price equal to the ICE Brent Index as published on the ICE website on 31 December 2018.

To synchronise final settlement of the MOEX Brent Oil Futures with the relevant ICE Futures Europe contract, Moscow Exchange is planning to change the last trading day (settlement day) of its contract (currently, 1 January 2019). A new settlement date will be set in due course and announced in a further press release on Moscow Exchange’s website. Please note that this date will be available in the system (with the contract code remained unchanged) only after the December Brent Oil Futures (BR-12.18) expires, i.e. on 3 December 2018, due to operational specifics of the Derivatives Market trading platform. 


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