30.08.2018 14:40

Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced

Moscow Exchange announced today the results of the quarterly review for MOEX indices. All changes were made upon recommendations from the Index Committee and will be implemented from 21 September 2018. The Exchange has also set free floats for a number of companies.

The constituent lists of the MOEX Russia Index and RTS Index will remain unchanged, except Megafon shares that will be removed from all MOEX indices out of schedule from 30 August 2018. Depositary receipts of the foreign issuer Lenta Ltd have been added to the list of securities under consideration for inclusion to the indices. PIK Group (ords) and United Wagon Company (ords) are now considered for being excluded from the indices. 

Yandex N.V., a foreign issuer, will replace Moscow Exchange (ords) in the Blue Chip Index.

Acron (ords) will be removed from the SMID Index.

Tattelecom (ords), Rusolovo (ords), Central Telegraph (prefs) and GAZ (prefs) will be included into the Broad Market Index, while AVTOVAZ (ords), TNS Energo (ords) and SN-MNG (prefs) will be removed from the index.

TGK-14 (ords) and IDGC of South (ords) will be added to the Electric Utilities Index. Pharmacy Chain 36.6 (ords) and AVTOVAZ (ords) will be deleted from the Consumer & Retail Index.   

The Exchange has set the following free floats coefficients:

Code Name Free float
CBOM Moscow Credit Bank, ords 18%
FTRE FG FUTURE , ords 10%
IRAO Inter RAO, ords 33%
MFON Megafon, ords 2%
MVID M.Video, ords 32%
POLY Polymetal International plc, foreign shares 38%
ROLO Rusolovo, ords 8%
SVAV SOLLERS, ords 29%
TGKN TGK-14, ords 20%
UNAC UAC, ords 3%
UWGN RPC UWC, ords 27%
VTBR VTB Bank, ords 27%
YNDX Yandex N.V, foreign shares 96%


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