19.04.2021 12:55

Moscow Exchange introduces micro-lots, currency trades starting from one dollar or euro

From 26 April 2021, Moscow Exchange will make it possible to trade the world's major currencies with order sizes starting from one US dollar or euro, with a new micro-lot of one cent in the respective currency. At present, one lot on MOEX’s FX Market is 1,000 US dollars or euros.

The new minimum order and lot sizes make currency trading more accessible and give retail investors expanded opportunities for converting small amounts of dollars and euros for their own needs.

Andrey Skabelin, Head of Moscow Exchange FX Market, said:

"The extensive recent influx of private investors into the FX Market has seen retail investors actively using brokerage accounts to convert currencies, including for everyday purposes. Reducing the minimum trade size to one dollar will expand opportunities for individuals, including in foreign securities trading with respect to coupon and dividend payments, as well as currency conversions using individual investment accounts. Small lot sizes complement the range of trading modes available on the FX market and enables Moscow Exchange to offer a full range of services and products for all client categories, from large block trading for banks, corporates and brokers to micro-lot transactions for retail investors."

The Moscow Exchange FX Market has been operating since 1992. The Exchange currently offers trading in 17 currency pairs. The market opens at 7:00 and closes at 23:50. ADTV on the FX Market in 2021 was USD 17.8 bln. MOEX’s share of total FX trading volumes on the Russian interbank currency market is 58% for USD/RUB and 68% for EUR/RUB.

More information about micro-lot trading is available on the Moscow Exchange website.

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