Single Stock and Index futures

Index futures and options are represented by a huge variety of derivatives on RTS Index, MOEX Russia Index, Sector Indices, RGBI Index, Moscow Real Estate DomClick Index and provide a wide range of opportunities for hedging risks in stock and bond portfolios and for playing on the rise or fall of the securities market, individual sectors of the economy and the value of Moscow real estate. Index based derivatives are equally available for both investors with small funds and large market participants.

Futures based on single stocks issued by Russian companies have been successfully traded at the FORTS market for many years. The list of shares for futures contracts has been constantly developing and growing throughout these years. The issuers of the stocks of the futures contracts are the leading companies in the most developed segments of the Russian market: oil production, energy, communication and metallurgy.

Russian Market Volatility Futures Contract - RVI - gives an opportunity for the market participants to hedge investment portfolio, RTS Index futures and MOEX Russia Index positions, make up arbitrage strategies and trade volatility also. The Russian Volatility Index (RVI) has been calculated since November 18, 2013, by the Moscow Exchange taking into account international experience and market demand.